About Market Research Ventura County

Market Research Ventura County is a warm, accommodating, contemporary, affordable, boutique research company designed to meet the diverse needs of research professionals. Top notch recruiting and delivery of the highest level of customer service is our priority. MRVC works directly with clients planning exceptional off-site research events in Ventura, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo Counties. Professional contacts along California’s Gold Coast are one of our strengths.

Market Research Ventura County is a secondary market company nestled in the beautiful coastal community of Camarillo, California. Ventura County is sometimes called “Kansas by the Sea” because of its solid hard working residents, deep agricultural roots, strong family values, and an educated workforce. The big difference -- the average temperature in Ventura County is 70° all year around.

Our Work Team

President: Linda Braunschweiger

Ms. Braunschweiger has spent thirty years in corporate finance, banking, affordable housing development and nonprofit management.   She spent many years in public affairs and lobbying at the federal, state and local levels.  After years in the corporate environment, Ms. Braunschweiger launched her first company assisting clients with affordable housing policy strategies, affordable housing financing, and nonprofit management.  Ms. Braunschweiger has represented financial institutions, non-profits, local municipalities, housing authorities, and industry trade organizations.  Ms. Braunschweiger sits on numerous non-profit Boards of Directors and is well connected throughout the State of California.  Ms. Braunschweiger received a Bachelor of Applied Arts in Speech Communications and Industrial Psychology from San Diego State University and a Masters of Business Administration with a focus in Public Policy from National University.

Operations Manager: Michelle Rapoport

Ms. Rapoport earned a degree in Applied Nutrition from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo where she gained a passion for health and wellness focusing on counseling in sports nutrition and eating disorders. She was also highly involved in developing and leading community wide health initiatives.  After graduation, Ms. Rapoport began her career as a corporate flight attendant for a private jet management company.  There she earned experience working for top executives in the entertainment industry and found a love for international travel, menu planning, and hospitality.   She also has had the opportunity to gain additional experience in the restaurant industry, retail, and event planning.   Outside of work she enjoys being involved with local charities to give back and to stay well networked within the community.